Bring Your Own Device - Acceptable Use Policy

Olivet students attending grades 9-12 are welcome to bring in personally owned technology devices to be used for instructional purposes in the classroom. Please be aware of the following items outlining acceptable use of personal devices before you connect your device to the Olivet Community School’s Network.

  • A student or staff member who brings privately owned devices to school is personally responsible for the equipment and all software installed on that device.

  • Olivet Community Schools assumes no liability for any damage to a personally owned device while connected to our network. Any damage to the equipment is the responsibility of the individual who owns the device.

  • Olivet Community Schools will not repair personally owned devices.

  • Olivet Community Schools will not provide software to any personally owned devices.

  • Olivet Community Schools will not service software on personally owned devices.

  • All devices must include updated anti-virus software where applicable.

  • Smart phones are not considered an appropriate device unless teacher approved for their individual classroom.

  • Olivet Community Schools will not provide internal computer components for personally owned devices, whether as enhancements, upgrades or replacements.

  • If personal devices interfere with the district network in any way, the device may be banned from the network.

  • Any damage caused by personally owned devices in the Olivet Community School District is the responsibility of the owner of the device.

  • The district retains the right to determine where and when privately owned equipment may connected to the network.

  • Teachers have the right to determine what devices are acceptable in their classrooms.

  • Teachers have the right to determine when devices are allowed for use in their classrooms.

  • The student/staff member is responsible for the physical security of their personal equipment at all times.

  • Olivet Community Schools does not guarantee the privacy or security of any item stored on or transmitted by any privately owned computers.

  • Use of any personal device must adhere to the Olivet Community School District Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Use of personal data services such as 3G, 4G service from Sprint, Verizon, etc is prohibited.  You must be connected to the school wifi network in the classroom at all times while device is in use.

For privately owned devices being used in District facilities, the Olivet Community School District reserves the right to:

  • Monitor all activity.

  • Make determinations on whether specific uses of the device are consistent with the District's Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Log network use and to monitor storage disk space utilized by such users.

  • Deem what is appropriate use.

  • The school reserves the right to examine the privately owned electronic device and search its contents if there is reason to believe that school policies or local, state and/or federal laws have been violated.

  • Remove the user's access to the network and suspend the right to use the privately owned device in District facilities if at any time it is determined that the user is engaged in unauthorized activity or is violating the Acceptable Use Policy.