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Olivet_WLAN Instructions

Connnecting to Olivet_Mobile Wifi Network

Olivet Community Schools provides the Olivet_Mobile wireless network for students, staff and guests to use for personal devices. This network requires that you log-in to the filter with your Olivet Schools computer name and password before allowing you on the internet.  If you are a guest, please stop by the office to acquire the username and password needed for guests.  Please be reminded the Acceptable Use Policy applies to any use of the OCS network.  

To connect please do the following:

Connect to the Olivet_Mobile wifi network in your device wifi settings.

Screenshot 2014-10-27 at 11.14.34 AM.pngOnce connected, close your settings and open your browser.  

Upon opening your browser you should be directed to https://portal.cipafilter.com where you will be prompted to log-in with your school computer username and password or username and password provided by the office.  

Hint: Your username will be the first six letters of your last name followed by your first inital .year of graduation. For example: dowdinc.2025


cipafilter login.png

Make sure you don’t click on the blue Log Out button after you get logged in.  

Hint: If you can’t get the log-in screen to come up on your device,. Double check that you are connected to the Olivet_Mobile.  Then, type in the url bar https://portal.cipafilter.com, this will bring up the login screen.

If you still have problems try refreshing your browser or reboot your device.