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FPE Safety Project

posted Feb 4, 2016, 5:57 AM by Teresa Montague   [ updated Feb 7, 2017, 12:04 PM by Carol Kita ]

From Principal Brock Peters....

Photo of new door installed at entrance at elementary school
Thanks to the support of many families and businesses in our community, our FPE Entry-Way Project is nearly complete.  The goal of the project was to make our building more secure.  In the past the main doors were left open.  With the new doors installed, there is a buzzer system to enter FPE during normal school hours.   Parents and other visitors check in at the foyer and wait until they are “buzzed” into the school by office staff.       

The new entry-way at FPE is an important step in increasing security across the district.  We are so grateful for the contributions given toward the project on our GoFundMe page.  A major part of the funding for the project came from local businesses, which have always been incredibly supportive of our students and schools.  Many thanks to the following organizations:

FPE has a tradition of friendliness and warmth.  We want to continue to build that type of atmosphere, while implementing new procedures that strengthen security.  Please be patient with us as we learn the new procedures and try to make them as user- friendly as possible while keeping our kids as safe as possible.  Thank you for working with us to make FPE the best it can be!  The support and involvement of our community is, and always has been, vital in that effort. 


  • Whitetail Farms 
    Photo of new welcome window at elementary school lobby
  • John D Vanator, C.P.A.
  • Natescapes Landscape Supplies
  • Lifetime Adventures LLC
  • Lake & Piepkow Farms
  • McManus Transport LLC 
  • Irish Hill Farms, Pat & Sid Murphy 
  • Family Main Street Dental, Dr. Lana Lewis
  • Olivet PTO
  • Powers Farms - Larry, Cindi & Family



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