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Educational Planning Guide

Welcome to Olivet High School  

We are pleased that Olivet High School offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to meet our students’ needs.  Within the curriculum, some classes will be required; however, students will be given an opportunity to choose from a variety of elective classes.  A course of study should be chosen that meets each student’s educational and career goals and provides the skills necessary to lead a successful life after graduation.  
We are committed to working with our students and parents as a team in every step of the class selection process.   
As students begin to develop future educational and career plans, they will be encouraged to make educational decisions based on their interests and aptitudes as they are related to career pathways.  High school students will participate in a variety of assessments to assist them in setting goals and developing plans for what they want to do after graduation.   
We are happy to answer any questions about the curriculum or the scheduling process.  The time students spend planning their high school experience will make their education much more meaningful.

Download the Education Planning Guide below in .pdf format.
Lisa Collier,
Oct 19, 2016, 7:11 AM