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Counselor's Corner

Mrs. Amanda Rybicki
High School Guidance Counselor
phone:  269-749-3671
Mrs. Rybicki is your "go to" person for schedule selection and guidance in taking the courses required for your chosen career path.  Mrs. Rybicki can provide you with information on colleges, college requirements, ACT test, grants, scholarships and student financial aid.  She has put together the links below to help you be a success during your high school years and get started on your path to higher education.   You will find Mrs. Rybicki in the high school office.  We encourage you to stop in the high school office to make an appointment with Mrs. Rybicki if you have not done so already.



Along with the ACT Prep classes you may also access numerous materials, assignments and references for the ACT. Log in via your career cruising account to view the documents.

 See Average College Score requirements -
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Free Scholarship Search Services

Look beyond colleges and universities for scholarships. Educational funding in the private sector has increased dramatically in recent years. Review mainstream sources of funds, and be creative. Think about what makes you different, and find groups that value that difference. Many organizations offer scholarships, including: State and local governments, Businesses, Employers, Clubs, Associations, High Schools, Civic groups, Religious organizations, Trade associations, Labor unions, Political parties, Military associations, Private foundations, Private charities, and Ethnic organizations.

Financial Aid Information:, a free resource with a variety of information about financial aid

Website Resource:

Fast Web:, a searchable database of over 400,000 scholarships, fellowships, grants & loans

GoCollege:, features a database of over 500,000 scholarships and general college information

Scholarships:, over 200,000 scholarships., has a database of about 600,000 scholarships from over 8000 sources

SRN Express:, has a database of over 8,000 private, non-need based programs

College NET MACH 25:, the fastest search on the Web

Free Scholarship Search:, has a database of over 1,900 resources

Online Masters Degree:

Online Colleges:

MI-SEARCH:, a search site for Michigan Residents

Guide to Graduating Debt-Free


Information on Student Loans:

Pre-Planned College Tours: This site offers students a selection of College Tours so students can explore between colleges and spark that interest in the college selection process.


Parchment On-Line Transcripts:

Applying to college, transferring to another school, or confirming your education for employers is hard enough. Parchment made it easy to send any college or organization your official transcript. You make the request; we obtain approval from your school, format your information, confirm that the transcipt was sent using postal mail or secure electronic delivery and, for institutions that accept electronic records, provide verification that your transcript arrived.