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Ball Classroom Newsletter

News from Mrs. Ball (11-2-15)

"Developing responsible citizens through challenging academics and diverse opportunities in a safe and supportive environment."

Homeroom News:

Thank you for all of the treats that were sent in for our party on Friday. I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Halloween.

 This Friday is the end of the first marking period. We are already ¼ of the way through fourth grade! Report cards will go home the week of the 16th.

The Math Minute (Mrs. Ball): We will expand on our knowledge of two-digit by one-digit multiplication this week to working with three-digit numbers and stories using multiplication. Our students’ fact fluency is improving, so please keep up the hard work at home.

Please expect homework Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Social Studies Updates (Mrs. Ball): We are nearing the end of our government unit. Today, students took the judicial branch quiz and began reviewing the ways power is balanced in our federal government. We also spend time this week focusing on the Bill of Rights. Our unit test on all the federal government topics we have studied this year will be early next week.

Science News (Mrs. Toburen):

This week, we will wrap up our learning about the seasons (due to the Earth’s tilted axis) and spend just a few lessons on looking at rocks, rock layers, & fossils, which is a way we can learn about the history of our own planet. The unit test will be on Friday. Students will have a study guide to take home on Thursday.

Reading: (Mrs. Stewart) The kids learned a new expanding vocabulary strategy last week. Since we have been talking about parts of speech so much, we learned how to look at a word with an unknown meaning and figure it out based on whether it is a noun, verb, adjective, etc. This will be one we continue to work at because

the kids do not take the time to decode a word’s meaning while reading.

Writing: (Mrs. Stewart) We finished up our narrative unit (stories about ourselves) and worked on a spooky descriptive Halloween story. Watch for those to come home soon. Our next unit starts this week. We will be working on persuasive essays.

Grammar: (Mrs. Stewart) Pronouns were our next part of speech. We discussed why we need to use pronouns (using a noun’s name is too repetitive), but also why we must use names every once in a while to give our reader’s clarity.

Spelling: (Mrs. Stewart) Spelling begins this week. Please see the note attached to your child’s first homework page for more explanation on the system. Let me know if you have any questions. The first test will be Friday, November 13.