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Character Education Program

At OMS the classroom is not the only place where learning occurs...

The forefront of our thought process on character education is to focus on a set of values that we use as the basis of how we make decisions and how we treat others.  Olivet Community Schools’ philosophy states: “All people have value, purpose, unique potential, and the ability to learn.” 

              Olivet Middle School has been implementing a wide variety of methods to instill good character into our students.  A student’s academic skills and IQ are not the only factors to ensure a student’s future success.  A great deal of research indicates an individuals “emotional intelligence” will play a significant role in a person’s success with family and professional life.  The ability to get along with different types of individuals and find solutions to opposing opinions and problems is a lifelong skill that must continually develop. 

              "The Network" is one popular method among the students.  This is a daily morning video broadcast that runs for about 4-5 minutes.  The Network is a student driven program, where students can help create ideas and skits to be shown each day. We also have character assemblies to recognize the students who are displaying good character at school and when others aren’t watching.  The focus of the Network and character assemblies is to teach our students how to be a person of integrity and good character.  The four main values that define how we operate are: respect, honesty, responsibility and kindness. 

  • A respectful person acknowledges the feelings, interests and diversity of others.  Those who show respect, treat others the way they would want to be treated.
  • An honest person is trustworthy and is truthful in thoughts, words, and actions. 
  • Responsible people recognize the needs around them and take action to meet those needs.  They are dependable, accountable, humble, determined, and have a sense of purpose.
  • A kind person helps others, even at the expense of one’s own interests or convenience.  Kindness is being compassionate, particularly to those who may be overlooked.

              Our goal is to shape our students to be internally driven.  We strive to have our students be able to solve daily problems with minimal adult intervention.  Adult guidance is needed however, when the ability/age of the students involved are not equal.  We believe in educating the “whole person” both academically and emotionally.  Olivet Middle School believes that learning opportunities aren’t just for the classroom but in all aspects of a school day.