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About Olivet Middle School

Olivet Middle School
Grades 4th-8th


255 First Street

Olivet, MI  49076


Fax: (269)749-9701

Olivet Middle School has about 600 students, 35 professional staff, 1 administrator, 5 parapros and 15 support staff (secretaries, custodians and food service staff).  4th and 5th grades are located in a separate wing of the building and are offered instruction in either self-contained or departmentalized classrooms.  The core of our mission is to enhance student’s reading, writing and mathematics skills while helping them expand their knowledge of science, social studies and language arts.  Students are exposed to a wide range of educational opportunities including computers, technology, the fine arts, physical education and health.
Though our main focus is on developing students’ academic skills, the middle school also offers many programs designed to develop leadership, teamwork and artistic skills.  Our middle school band is highly successful at District and State Festivals.  We also have a large choir program to help students develop their vocal music and performance skills.  All students have the opportunity to participate in the visual arts program.  Students are involved in various academic clubs such as Science Olympiad, Math Counts and News Bowl. Students also participate in many community service projects through Student Council.  Basketball (boys and girls), volleyball, wrestling, track and cheerleading are offered to students in grades 6 to 8.  Middle school students have an opportunity to participate in various field trips to reinforce classroom instruction. Fifth graders attend camp for one week where they participate in outdoor education programs.  Our Student Support Coordinator plays a key role in encouraging and developing strong character traits in our middle school students.