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Toburen Classroom Newsletter

The Toburen Times   ­­­­           Monday, March 16, 2015

Homeroom News:


Science News (Mrs. Toburen):

            Zoo: Please look for the reminder note in today’s folder about what to bring & have ready each day next week as we travel to and from the zoo. Also, if you volunteered to assist an observation group there is a note of reminders included for you too!


            Science Fair: A draft of your child’s science fair project Procedure section was due today. Students without it did go to homework and are hopefully motivated to make progress on their project by turning those drafts in tomorrow. Presentation boards are available for sale for $2.00 as long as supplies last.

Next Monday, a draft of both the Results & Conclusion are due. Then, one more week until the final project is due!

            Daily Lessons: This week in class, students will investigate magnets and how their “ability to do work” means they are an example of a form of energy. We will take the unit test the week before spring break.


Social Studies News (Mrs. Toburen):

            Please find your child’s Northeast region assessment in today’s folder and have him or her go over it. We are now onto discovering the geography of the Southeast region. Students will need to finish the SE region geography challenge Tuesday night for homework if they haven’t finished up in our daily work times.


Math (Mrs. Toburen):

            In Mrs. Ball’s absence this week, I will be teaching the math lessons. J We will be working on measurement. As usual, there will be a homework assignment today, Tuesday, and Thursday.



English Language Arts (Mrs. Turner):

Spelling – Due to zoo week, we will be taking a break from our usual spelling list.   Please continue to reinforce spelling patterns at home by helping your child notice spelling patterns in their everyday writing, and expecting them to fix mistakes.  Feel free to use at home as fun way to get some spelling practice in as well.  I have several March themed word lists available and the science lists as well.

Reading – We are getting close to the end of the quarter.  Your child should have finished 9 good fit books during third quarter.  Please encourage at home reading!  It is also reading month, so we are expecting each child to complete the reading tickets to indicate that they are doing their already required reading homework.  Please indicate on the reading ticket if your child has read extra!   We are trying to collectively read 70,000 minutes during March.  

Writing – We are still working on Non-Fiction writing in our classroom.  Most recently we have been practicing for our observation time at the zoo.  This week we will try to stand up when writing like we will have to do to observe our animals.  

Literacy Night – Don’t forget, literacy night is Thursday this week!  Your child’s animal report will be on display at FPE.